Cigarettes & Coffee

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We are not like the others, as much as people believe that we are. They’re confused, we are different. Our problem is that we are intermittent, it’s either all or nothing, smiles or tears,  kissing or kicking. Calls at 4am for weeks and silence for months. For we are not like the others, we are “tonight – yes, tomorrow…no.”

Continue reading “Intermittent”


The Syndrome of the Twenty-Somethings


They call it the “quarter life crisis”.

When you start to realize that your circle of friends is smaller & smaller than a few years ago. You realize that it is increasingly difficult Continue reading “The Syndrome of the Twenty-Somethings”

The bar around the corner

He was hard to describe, one of those people who do not go through your life unnoticed. He was calm and frenzy at the same time, he wanted it all, living and squeezing every minute of his time, to which he clung tightly between songs and cigarettes. Continue reading “The bar around the corner”

Suddenly December.


And suddenly … December. The last month of the year. The month par excellence in which we look back and we stop to think about everything that has happened … and what has not. Because December is the month of nostalgia, reunions with family and friends, to recount what has been lived, to stop and think how much our life has changed in a year … Continue reading “Suddenly December.”


Let’s talk about what really matters. Let’s talk about taboos and fears. Let’s talk about that vertigo of feeling vulnerable, naked, recognising the internal chaos and revolution of new emotions. Let’s talk about throwing away all those “what ifs” that condemn us mercilessly, lets leave aside our pride, the result of our biggest fear- that thing they call falling in love. Continue reading “Hablemos.”

keep movin

I’m sitting in a seat. It may be dirty, torn, battered, I do not care- all I care is that it is within some kind of moving transport.

I’m leaning against the window. It may be filthy, tarnished, full of dirt, broken, do not care; all I care- please- is that it is open. Continue reading “keep movin”



See, I’m leaving tomorrow. In a few hours, I’ll be back on a plane. I’d like to appear calm and collected if I could, please, and nothing to drink, thanks, unless the gin is free. Oh, that reminds me, I need to buy gum. And cigarettes. Continue reading “Butterflies”

The happiness factor of the final days of summer


And then it happens; and you realize that happiness is what happens when you go to bed on the hottest night of the summer, a night so hot you can’t even wear a t-shirt and you sleep on top of the sheets instead of under them, Continue reading “The happiness factor of the final days of summer”

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